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    [GUIDE/KEXT] Elan (elantech) PS/2 kext

    Hello, I am trying your kext because I cannot get I2C to work on my Icelake laptop. Ioreg says the kext is loaded, but the trackpad does not work. Any ideas? Full IOREG is below. The trackpad works fine in opencore, but not in MACOS, leading me to think that it will work in PS2 mode. After the...
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    Compatability with 10th Gen Intel

    You may also want to try the EFI posted here: It boots on my i5-1035G1 too, with less errors.
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    Compatability with 10th Gen Intel

    Using Noodles EFI, I also cannot get acceleration to work on my HP Laptop i5-1035G1. (G1 has UHD Graphics, G4 has Iris) Able to get trackpad to work? I can't. I don't think voodooi2c is updated for 10th gen.
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    << Solved >> Clover stuck at +++++ in my laptop(Comet Lake i7-10510u + ddr3 16GB)

    I got past this part by Selecting iMacBookAir9,1 in clover (I used clover to change the SMBBIOS section on the install USB). However, I am now stuck on apfs module load. I have a i5-1036G1 trying to install 10.15.5 .I am thinking the laptop is just too new. I was able to get to the installer...
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    [Help] AppleALC Kernel Panic after Catalina update

    Thank you. This fixed my sleep issue. The trick was using the HDEF entry from the gfxutil, not the Audio device that was auto populated by clover configurator.