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    Nvidia drivers - freeze at login screen?

    In case anyone is watching this & curious: I found a gtx 650 ti going cheap, and stuck it in. This works beautifully on high sierra without web driver; I'm told Mojave should work too but haven't yet tried that. But to run CUDA you do need the web driver, and after installing that...
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    [Solved] CUDA driver in MacOS High Sierra

    @ringeraja -- did you ever get this to work? Or does anyone else know the current status, re using CUDA drivers without installing web driver, on high sierra? With a GTX 650, which has the driver built-in to mac os.
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    Question about dual boot Nvidia and AMD

    Has anyone done option 2, i.e. having two different GPUs physically present, but use only one of them in Mac OS? I ask because I'm considering adding a cheap card as a daily driver while keeping a better one for use under ubuntu, or if by some miracle I manage to make Nvidia drivers work one day.
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    How to use disable one of two GPU?

    Did you figure this out? What happens if you just turn it on, with both installed, and no Nvidia drivers on the mac? I ask because I'm considering supplementing my 1060...
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    [SUCCESS] i7-5820k / GTX 970 / GA-X99-UD4 High Sierra 10.13 [Clover Guide] (100% Working)

    Cool, thanks for the clarification. Indeed I see that page 1 is simpler than the bit I quoted. Will try some more...
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    (SOLVED) Nvidia Webdriver not loading (GTX 970 / High Sierra)

    My condolences, then :( Nice hobby, this. On a normal mac /etc/ should have like 100 things in it. My non-hackintosh says: $ ls -l rc* -rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel 1560 Aug 6 2016 rc.common -rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel 1560 Aug 23 2015 rc.common~previous -rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel 5258 Aug 30...
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    NVIDIA Chip Model 5 MB High Sierra GTX 1070

    @clestonv did you get this to work in the end? Looking for clues...
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    [SUCCESS] i7-5820k / GTX 970 / GA-X99-UD4 High Sierra 10.13 [Clover Guide] (100% Working)

    Thanks, yes am on HS... have tried all these things but little success, so I'm trying now to pick apart individual pieces. You don't remember where you got 0x59120003 and shikigva=12 from, perhaps?
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    (SOLVED) Nvidia Webdriver not loading (GTX 970 / High Sierra)

    That's interesting, I thought EmuVariableUEFI64 was part of nvram emulation. Can you confirm whether or not you have RC scripts installed? For me these were in /etc/rc.shutdown.d/80.save_nvram_plist.local (put there by Multibeast I believe) and so if you haven't explicitly deleted them they are...
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    [SUCCESS] i7-5820k / GTX 970 / GA-X99-UD4 High Sierra 10.13 [Clover Guide] (100% Working)

    Hi @malki , I'm trawling threads looking for clues... can I ask you a few questions about the post quoted? Do you know what boot argument "shikigva=12" does, and whether this is still a good idea? I understand that Shiki has been merged into WhateverGreen (
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    Native NVRAM Available?

    Thanks, I did not know this. It's confusing how there are so many paths to the same outcome, I guess it's inevitable as things are developed gradually... but at least knowing which are the same cuts down the search space.
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    Nvidia Graphics crashes to login screen under specific circumstances.

    @TrontheTechie , I have been searching for people with the same motherboard & graphics card, as I'm having a hard time getting mine to work. May I ask how you did it? Ideally, could you post your EFI folder somewhere (and what settings you are using re nvram)? Sorry this is no help with your...
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    Native NVRAM Available?

    OK that's interesting, thanks. I've been booting both with and without ticking NvidiaWeb -- with it, my computer hangs at the login page; removing it lets me boot up (with a flickery screen) and try things. So this may be what is un-setting it. Do you know whether the boot argument also changes...
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    Native NVRAM Available?

    OK that would explain the weird behaviour! Perhaps I should conclude that Nvram is working & look elsewhere? I know it's also used as a boot arg... the one and only time I got my computer to talk to its graphics card, writing it to nvram was one of the steps recommended...
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    Native NVRAM Available?

    Maybe this is the right thread to ask in. I think I have an nvram problem, in which only some setting persist: sudo nvram nvda_drv=1 <--- this is forgotten, but sudo nvram test_oct=13 <--- this is remembered, after a reboot This is using AptioMemoryFix-64.efi, without which...