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    [Success]CustoMac Original P55M-UD2 - Core i5 750 - AMD HD6350

    Answering my question - MacPro 5,1 definition or better iMac 12,2 did it. Now I have the correct speedsteps.
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    [Success]CustoMac Original P55M-UD2 - Core i5 750 - AMD HD6350

    I have the same issue with CPU speeds x9/1.20GHz. Did you find a solution?
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    Radeon HD 6870. Has anyone installed a SAPPHIRE FleX 6870

    Hello, If you are still investigating about this card I have one installed I'm my latest build (check my signature). It is working OOB. I had to make only DSDT edits to enable HDMI audio.
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    G4 Blue & White Full-ATX Mod

    Cool color. I understand you were using a spray with a granite like paint - is the paint layer over the acrylic resistant to touch / scraches? I will also be painting the front, the top and the rear acrylic panels of my G4, but I will most probably paint on the internal side of the acrylic - I...
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    Project: Quicksilver G4 PowerMac mod

    Final face grille Here is the final look of the face. I was hesitating between black or silver perforated grille and finally I choose black, as it is more harmoneous with the back panel. Photos attached.
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    Project: Quicksilver G4 PowerMac mod

    Hi, here is a small presentation of my G4 QuickSilver mod. Thanks to this thread : viewtopic.php?f=76&t=32279 It help me a lot. -------------------------------------- What is different from other G4 builds No door drilling to fix the mobo - using a mATX adapter plate. Improved cooling (cooling...