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    Samsung EVO 960 Plus M.2 - Low read/write speeds?

    According to the marketing material, the read and write speeds of this SSD should be up to 3.2Gb/sec. But I am only getting 150Mb/sec write and 500Mb/sec read. Is there some kext I have to install using MultiBeast to get it working properly? I am on High Sierra.
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    Did the new Mac Minis make Hackintosh obsolete?

    A few years back I built a computer for the sole reason of installing Mac OS on it. Didn't have time to really try it until this week. I now have a (somewhat) well running High Sierra computer. The cost to build was about $2000. Now, you could buy a brand new Mac mini for only $1800, with i7...
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    The New Beginner's Guide to USB Port Configuration

    Going to try this tomorrow and will update here on how it goes. Thank you for writing this guide.
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    Stuck at Apple logo (Unibeast)

    I eventually figured it out. My next error was that it wouldn't allow me to install because the installer was "damaged". Figured because it was an old version (13.1.4), I downloaded the latest High Sierra (13.6.4). But I then started getting a "prohibited"-sign or stop sign symbol as I was...
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    Stuck at Apple logo (Unibeast)

    I'm not sure how to do that. Looking for guides on it now. EDIT: I found a video guide on youtube using the same motherboard as me (Z370N Wifi). I now managed to get to the installer. Trying to erase my hard drive however but that isn't working. Says "Erase process has failed. Couldn't modify...
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    Stuck at Apple logo (Unibeast)

    I followed the guidelines on the "Buyer's Guide" page and ordered all the recommended gear. Now trying to install High Sierra so that I can use my GPU. I used the following guide for setting up UEFI/BIOS: ...
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    Skylake i7-6700K with Gigabyte GA-Z170MX - Unity3D dev machine

    It worked for about 2 weeks flawlessly then all of a sudden I can't boot the computer anymore. Don't think it has to do with the graphics card though. But yeah it worked. Just install the Nvidia drivers and boot it with a command. It was nrv_something=1.
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    Can't boot anymore

    Could it be a hard ware issue?
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    Can't boot anymore

    My Hackintosh has worked flawlessly until all of a sudden. I installed "Smart Switch" for my Android so I can transfer files from the phone to the computer. It asked me to restart, after that I have gotten stuck on the Apple logo after goes past Unibeast. Have tried to boot from my main HDD...
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    No Audio Devices - Realtek ALC AppleHDA [Guide]

    Ok, I have attached those files here. I started off using MultiBeast and installed the ALC1150 only the first time. Then I read some guide that said to include the "Optional HD 46000 HDMI Audio", so I made a new install with that one. Lastly, I read yet another guide that said to install "100...
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    Can't restart computer?

    Thanks. Only worked with MacPro 3.1 though and not iMac 17.1. But it's working so I'm OK with that.
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    No Audio Devices - Realtek ALC AppleHDA [Guide]

    Tried installing Audio using both MultiBeast as well as the script/command. It asks me: "Confirm Realtek 1150?" I hit "y"...then it asks me if I want to "Clover Audio ID Injection?" I hit "y"...then "Use Audio ID: 1" I hit "y"...then it tries to install but says xxx dict, Does Not Exist. What...
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    Solving NVIDIA Driver Install & Loading Problems

    I have the same issue. How do I edit this config file and where do I put the code? I have installed Clover Configurator.
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    10.11.4+ Skylake Starter Guide

    I have two problems: 1. Audio still doesn't work. Which config.plt file should I edit? There are three of them. And where do I put the code? 2. I can't get my Nvidia drivers to install. They are installed, but "Default OS X drivers" are chosen, when I switch it asks me to restart the computer...
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    Can't restart computer?

    So I finally got most of it to work. I ran MultiBeast and installed a bunch of stuff. Then I downloaded the Nvidia Web Drivers. Here's the problem: When I click "restart" the computer, it restarts to Clover before it loads the OS... this I think hinders the drivers realizing that the computer...