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    [Solved] After updating Clover, macOS won't boot

    Thank you. You’re a lifesaver!
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    Thanks to all. I share the same motherboard as StuffMac (Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H) and this did the trick for me. I'd updated from Sierra to Mojave and skipped getting High (ha!) Tim
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    Mojave/Windows 10/Chrome OS Triple Boot Installation?

    I’ve got this question too. Anyone give it a try yet?
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    tonymacx86 Giveaway: Win a BitFenix Phenom!

    This is the winning entry!
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    Seagate Slim Portable drive for Mac

    I'm suffering with a similar problem. Seagate 1TB Slim Drive--orig PC format, now Mac. It works fine on an old G4 Mini, but freezes my GA-Z77X-UD5H / i5 3570K running 10.8.4. Updated USB 3.0 universal drivers. Maybe a BIOS setting I'm missing? TIM
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    Using a Anti Static Wrist Strap

    Do your upgrading in the kitchen (or bathroom :) ) so there's plumbing to touch so you can ground yourself.
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    iOS 6 is now out

    What version of iTunes does it require? Are the PowerPC Macs that are stuck on vers. 10.6.3 left out of the party?
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    Eleven Macs, Which One to Hack?

    I'd hack the models that can't run Leopard (<867 Mhz G4). If they can run Leopard they can live out their final years running the current version of iTunes as a server. TIM Well it was true when I wrote it... but as of Sept. 12, 2012 the latest version DOESN'T run on PowerPC anymore...
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    DoctorEvil 30564's Powermac G4 Graphite Hackintosh

    Well reading comprehension was never one of my talents but did you say where you got the kit for the back panel? Quote: "Next I used a Kit I purchased with a Laser cut Persplex I/O backplate.." Unquote.
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    Powermac G3 Revamp

    I've got an old Blue and White G3 that I'd love to revive in all it slightly tacky glory. (I don't have the then matching CRT monitor unfortunately) I'm following this thread, wishing you success. Keep us informed of your progress.
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    Problem With App Store

    Worked for me. I first deleted "Ethernet" from Network in System Preferences. Deleted NetworkInterfaces.plist Rebooted. Created new Ethernet entry in Network in System Preferences. When I signed in the App Store quick unexpectantly but when clicked it again it started up fine and already...
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    GA-Z77X-UD5H + 3570k + GTX 680
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    This is an unknown CPU model...

    Fell into this trap as well. Missing from multibeast? Complete noob here.
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    Title Fonts

    +! I'll be patient ...... for a while!