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    New Video Build - A few questions before I buy hardware!

    I don't use Firewire anymore. this card available from Newegg Maybe this card as a consideration?
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    Z97x freezes more and more frequents!

    [SUCCESS]GA-Z97X-UD5H / i7 4790K / 32GB / GTX 760 / 10.9.4 You should find your answer in this thread. I had the same problem. Ended up doing a fresh install and used migration assist to get back up to speed.
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    New Video Build - A few questions before I buy hardware!

    Have you purchased your hardware? I'd be glad to assist when you start with assembly and install.
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    New Video Build - A few questions before I buy hardware!

    [SUCCESS]GA-Z97X-UD5H / i7 4790K / 32GB / GTX 760 / 10.9.4 Read this thread. I'm working on a machine like this. Cinema 4D, Adobe CC, Maya, 3DS, Blender etc. Awesome, fully capable and very cost effective. Also "future proof' with upcoming Broadwell CPU compatibility. I'd recommend it to any...
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    [SUCCESS] GA-Z97X-UD5H / i7 4790K / 32GB / GTX 760 / 10.9.4

    [SUCCESS]GA-Z97X-UD5H / i7 4790K / 32GB / GTX 760 / 10.9.4 Thanks for your share. I have the same build, just EVO 850 Pro and GTX 760 4GB. Your guide helped me tremendously!
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    SATA M.2 Support

    I'm also curious. Will buy one for my GA-Z97_UD5H i7 4970k build and give feedback. Down the rabbit hole we go!
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    Video Editors Build! HELP! ( Premiere pro, AE, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Maya, etc..)

    All your specs looks great. Only 1 suggestion - install a second SSD as scratch drive for your Adobe apps. Works wonders in terms of speed in Adobe CC. C4D is the way to go with 3D, as it seamlessly integrates with AE and PPr. Your machine is well spec'd for this task. Enjoy your build!
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    Lost dual screen moving from Lion to Mavericks (Quadro 4000)

    Lost dual screen moving from Lion to Mavericks (Quadro 4000)VIDEO EDITORS BEWARE!!! Everything went South after my upgrade to 10.9. The PNY Quadro 4000 ran perfectly in all the editing and 3d suites, now the desktop gfx and anything GPU related is glitchy stuffed. Nvidia is also dragging their...
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    MultiBeast 5.5 Update

    Thank you MacMan for the hard work and continuous development.
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    Quadro FX 5800 Not Fully working. (No Open cl)

    Hi dinosaurcam, I've been at this card working for years now. Can't get any joy. Reverted to my XFX GTX 285 for Open CL support in Adobe suite. Unfortunately working on my PC to get full functionality/potential for 3DS, Maya and other 3D tasks. Wish I could get this card up and running on the...
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    Better processor or graphics card for video editing

    I back kpro. Been editing on muultiple platforms and all sizes and shapes of machines now for 12 years. Currently I'm running a TonyMac-guided HacK'n'Mac as secondary editing station - i5 3750, 32Gb RAM, 128Gb SSD = 2x 1Tb scratch drives and my trusted old XFX GTX 285, the GPU picks up natively...
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    Any luck with Quadro FX 5800? anyone?

    I'll save you years of struggle and frustration with editing kext and KP around every corner. Give up.:banghead: I have been attempting a working OSX machine with my Leadtek Quadro fx 5800 since 2010. No luck. Reverted to Windows 7 64bit, Intel Xtreme Mobo, i7 CPU + loads of RAM to utilize the...