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    Getting the “iCloud Password Request” daily

    Hello! This started happing for whatever reason about two weeks ago. Each time I boot up, after about two minutes I get the “iCloud Password Request” on screen. If I key in the password, I get a message on my iPhone noting activity on my Mac in my location. I select OK and I then receive the six...
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    Anyway to test AVB in Audio Midi Setup?

    Yes I went ahead and purchased a Sonnet PCIe Network card that supports AVB. Once it was installed it showed up in Network Device Browser.
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    New Mac Gray Kybd and OS Mavericks??

    Hello! Has anyone tried using the newest Mac Dark Gray keyboard with a OS Mavericks Hack? My installed wifi/Bluetooth LE 4 card has shown no issues working with other brand devices. Anyone know? Thanks!!
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    GPU w/2-DP1.2 or HDMI2.0

    Hello! I’ve been using an Nvidia GTX 770 2GB in my 10.9.5 hack without issues for the last few years. Only problem is it only has one DP1.2 port for 4K @60Hz. It’s HDMI port only does 4K @30Hz. Is there any GPU with either two DP1.2 ports or HDMI 2.0 ports compatible with 10.9.5 out of the box...
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    Any way to "lock" 3rd party menu icons in their position in menu bar??

    Hello! I have a few 3rd party menu icon items in my Finder menu bar(right side) which constantly change their arrangement position each time I restart/reboot. I think this causes different startup behaviors. Is there anyway to lock/maintain their arrangement positions in the menu bar?? Thanks...
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    Is This Hardware RAID Working?

    Hello! My Hack’s motherboard has a open half size mini PCIe slot on it so I purchased a RAID controller SATA 3 card for it. It’s on board driver is the AS Media 1061R. I connected to SSD’s to it and booted up chose Contol R. This allowed me to set the two disks as RAID 0. After this I...
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    Info needed for RAID 0

    Hello! I’d like to try a two SSD RAID 0 for storing audio samples(non-OS) so I went ahead an ordered a PCIe dual SATA RAID Controller card. What I need to know is do I need to setup the RAID in the BIOS and then in Disk Utilities or is it just one or the other? Thanks!!
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    Is SYBA SI-MPE40095 OS X compatible?

    Hello! I have an available half size mini PCIe slot on my motherboard. I came across this sata raid expander/controller card and was wondering if it might be recognized in Mac OS X. It allows for adding two more SSDs/HDDs and for raid 0,1 support. Thanks in advance!!
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    Both LAN ports showing “Connected” but only one plugged in

    Hello! I just noticed that in System Preferences under “Network” it’s showing that both LAN ports are connected but only one physically is. The connected LAN port is connected to an Ethernet controller mixer. I’m using WiFi for internet. I’ve had the second port connected to an internet modem...
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    Spinning gear during boot taking longer than usual

    Hello! For whatever reason, my Hack has gone from two reliable complete gear spins during boot to now around four to six. System has been running great for months with zero change. The only thing I did differently a few days ago was download/install Prime95, a CPU frequency testing program...
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    HW Monitor 6.9.1315 update error

    Hello! My OS is 10.9.5 and HW Monitor is 6.9.1315. When I select to “Update” it immediately comes back with an error message about how it’s unable to update and to try later. Well I’ve tried for several days and it still doesn’t update. What’s the current version of HW Monitor for Mavericks and...
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    [Solved] Safari not loading pages

    What version of Safari?
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    Is manual fan control built into HW Monitor?

    Ok I tried this on my clone copy first just to be safe. I dragged HW Monitor app to trash and rebooted. Afterwards I checked Macs Fan Control but it’s still showing “0” and asking me to remove other fan controlling software which I already did. So I’m at a standstill.
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    Is manual fan control built into HW Monitor?

    Hey after installing and trying to set/modify fan speeds it shows “0” for both minimum and maximum and says to uninstall any other fan controller. Does this mean I need to physically uninstall HW Monitor from my Hack to use this Mac Fan Controller software or is there another way?? Thanks!!
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    Is manual fan control built into HW Monitor?

    Great! Looks interesting! Now for this to work properly, are there certain BIOS settings that need to be made or changed? Thanks!!