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    << Solved >> Loop on printing information

    It's based on what your hardware needs. Ie if you need to configure your iGPU, spoof device IDs for other devices, etc. They're generally used for configuring PCI stuff in general, especially GPU. No rule except what is needed for your hackintosh to work.
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    << Solved >> OpenCore battery patch

    Oh, thats weird. Do you get any panic information on reboot?
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    << Solved >> OpenCore battery patch

    You most likely could avoid creating a SSDT-Bat by using ECEnabler.kext + SMCBatteryManager.kext/AcpiBatteryManager.kext. ECEnabler allows bigger fields (> 8 bits in size) to be read.
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    Abhor Apple's New Full Updates Instead of the Smaller Supplemental Updates

    They do offer smaller incremental updates. Most of my updates are around ~2-4GB on Monterey. I'd check SIP and SecureBootModel (on OC).
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    Custom SSDT's using Corpnewt's SSDTTime

    I'd recommend dumping the ACPI either through SysReport in a debug version of OpenCore, or the equivalent in Clover. Another option is dumping from another OS. When booting macOS, you're going to be dumping already modified ACPI, which can screw up SSDTTime's detection for which patches are...
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    [HOW TO] OpenCore 0.7.7 > 0.7.8 differences

    Nothing under NVRAM->Add is technically necessary. They're just NVRAM entries that OpenCore can add, such as boot-args. You could technically get rid of it and set up boot-args and SIP through recovery. SystemAudioVolumeDB I think was a way to set the volume for AudioDXE for boot chime, though...
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    VoodooI2C Help and Support

    A lot of elitebooks use SMBus, not I2C, trackpads. Might be worth checking the logging output from VoodooPS2Trackpad to see if it supports SMBus/Intertouch.
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    Old Socket 775 What's the newest OS I can install?

    The CPU can run in newer OSes, it has SSE4.1. You may need to use something like MouSSE to emulate some SSE4.2 instructions if using a newer AMD GPU, and maybe telemetrap? MacPro3,1 (which has CPUs from the same year) can run in Big Sur/Monterey using OCLP, so it's definitely possible. Your...
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    << Solved >> OpenCore battery patch

    This would be during early boot, when _STA is being initially read. I don't think SMCBatteryManager/ACPIBatteryManager care though since they both check the ACPI Plane in IORegistry instead of the IOService plane, which should show devices even if _STA errors out. They will check _STA themselves...
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    << Solved >> OpenCore battery patch

    I think it can happen if AppleACPIEC hasn't attached yet? Possibly? I'm not quite sure tbh.
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    VoodooI2C Help and Support

    If you are trying to load kexts, do it in Catalina or earlier. Big Sur and newer won't hot load the kext. When loading kexts, you need to specify dependencies. I'm not super familiar with what is dependent on what in VoodooI2C, so I'll use VoodooRMI as an example. In SMBus mode, there are three...
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    OC 0.7.5 cannot install Monterey

    The log shows that everything under Booter->Quirks is disabled, which is the main cause of getting stuck at ExitBS. 13:555 00:093 OCABC: ALRBL 0 RTDFRG 0 DEVMMIO 0 NOSU 0 NOVRWR 0 NOSB 0 FBSIG 0 NOHBMAP 0 SMSLIDE 0 WRUNPROT 0 13:649 00:093 OCABC: FEXITBS 0 PRMRG 0 CSLIDE 0 MSLIDE 0 PRSRV 0...
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    Nvidia 9600 GT (Tesla) on Big Sur

    The 9600GT can be disabled in macOS using device properties or the "-wegnoegpu" boot arg. That would still require the cables to be switched though.
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    Nvidia 9600 GT (Tesla) on Big Sur

    Using OCLP is quite a downgrade if you are using the HD4600 - I believe the issue with the patches were listed above. Some other things to keep in mind: When you use the root volume patches, you do not get smaller deltas anymore (~3GB). Instead, updates appear as full installers every time...
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    HP ZBOOK G5 17

    I'll definitely take a look, see if I can find it with RWEverything. It certainly does change after S3 sleep, but I already hook sleep/wake anyways to fix other things up. I'll definitely try it and see if that works, thanks