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Development status Active
Platform Intel x86-64
Type Chameleon Boot132 CD
Website www.tonymacx86.com
Download [1]

iBoot by tonymacx86 is a Chameleon Boot132 CD specifically designed to work with Intel CPUs. It enables a simple disc swap-out for the Mac OS X Retail DVD, and a vanilla installation. Added features for most motherboards include audio, network, and graphics enabled by default out of the box, without altering the Vanilla install. One half of iBoot + MultiBeast Method.



iBoot now includes 10.7.3 kernel, Graphics support via GraphicsEnabler, and Chimera bootloader. </ref>

Previous Versions

No longer will there be many multiple versions of iBoot, but one unified version for any supported Intel CPU with either ATI or NVIDIA graphics. The new version is a permanent replacement for all previous versions of iBoot, including iBoot-NVIDIA, iBoot-ATI, iBoot-ATI-5xxx[1], and iBoot-Supported[2].


  • iBoot 3.0: With Sandy Bridge Support.[3]
  • iBoot 2.6: Unified with ATI & NVIDIA support through GraphicsEnabler.[4]
  • iBoot 2.1: Inncluded the USBFamilyMOD 9.9.9, enabling USB 2.0 without DSDT post-10.6.2.
  • iBoot 2.0: Updated with enhanced USB[5]


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