USB 3.0 PCIe Cards that work OOB in El Cap

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Feb 13, 2012
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I just use it with my two classic Mac Pros. The hacks have USB 3 support using the kexts in MultiBeast, so you won't need this card unless you are doing USB 3 to USB 3 drive large file copying as the 1143C/D cards are expensive. See my Gene build description for my the MultiBeast USB configuration selection. For consumer use, the motherboard built in USB 3 ports are adequate.

Hi @Stork

You seem to know a fair amount about the HightPoint RocketU 1144D.

Could you offer a bit of help?

I purchased an New HightPoint RocketU 1144D and installed it in my pre build HP Z800 (High Sierra 10.13.3) and I can't boot the machine with the card installed.

Here is an image of the error message.
View media item 190243
If I remove the card, the machine boots normally.

I'm not sure what to do.

Your assistance would be very appreciated.


@RehabMan would you possibly have insight as to why this boot error / crashing is happening?

UPDATE: 03-22-18
I found a solution for my USB PCIe card problems. Here is MY solution to a fully working USB PCIe card.
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