tech1eguy's Build: [Success] Asus Prime Z370-A II - i7-9700K - RX 580 - Simple/Easy Setup

Jun 22, 2020
Asus Prime Z370-A II
RX 580 Pulse
  1. iMac
Mobile Phone
  1. iOS
tech1eguy's Build:
Asus Prime Z370-A II - i7-9700K - RX 580

Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 3.06.53 PM.png



Asus Prime Z370-A II Motherboard

Intel i7-9700K Processor

Sapphire Pulse AMD RX 580 - 8GB

Be Quiet Base 600 ATX case

Corsair RM750x Power supply

Crucial Ballistix 2666 DDR4 2x8GB RAM

Samsung 970 Evo Plus NVME 500GB drive (PCIe 4x Windows 11)

Kingston A2000 NVME 500GB drive (PCIe 4x Mac OS)

LG UHD/Bluray optical disk reader/writer SATA

Jellycomb Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo KS15BS-3

LG 4K HDR 27" Monitor (Display port 1.4 connection - HDR compatible)

Dell 4K HDR 27" Monitor (HDMI port connection - not HDR compatible - Issues with DP 1.2 along with DP 1.4 monitor)

Logitech 4k Magnetic Apple HDR Webcam

Fenvi T919 Wifi/Bluetooth

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo V2 Air Cooler

Already Owned

Altec Lansing VS2320 PC speakers

The main idea is to build a hackintosh that works OOB without much tweaks.

What is working:
Dual boot with Windows 11 (Used Dortania guide with 0.8.0 OpenCore bootloader - Lilu kext - Monterey 12.3 - Config.plist - Boot - Launcheroption Full - Use OC bootloader to boot to Windows and Mac OS)
Full GPU acceleration, H264/HEVC encoding (Whatevergreen not needed for RX580)
All USB ports front and back panel full speed (Used hackintool to get USB mapping kext for Intel controller - Added SSDT-USBX for power)
USB 3.1 gen 2 (10Gbps) - ASMedia controller - No USB mapping needed
4k Dual monitors
Bluetooth, WiFi, LAN Internet (Intelmausi kext), Internal Realtek Audio & HDMI Audio & Front panel audio (AppleALC kext with alcid=7 boot arg)
SSD Trim support for NVME drive (NVMEFix kext for power management)
CPU Power management (SSDT-Plug.aml and CPUFriend kext) - Generated frequency vectors using CPUFriendFriend
Restart, Shutdown, Sleep (Disable EC0 controller and add EC using SSDTTime)
Hardware monitoring (VirtualSMC with sensors kexts)
iMessage, FaceTime, Webcam, iCloud, iPhone calls, iTunes, Handoff, AirDrop
Smbus fix (SSDT-SBUS-MCHC.aml)
Memory fix (RestrictEvents kext)

Not working:
YouTube HDR in safari - works in Chrome but with high CPU - No solution for desktops yet
HDR streaming in safari

Installed windows first in a NVME drive so it will create separate EFI partition
Installed Mac OS next in another NVME drive. No need to remove the drives for installation.

BIOS 3004 version Settings:
Use Optimized defaults
Launch CSM/Serial port/SGX/Trusted Computing/Fast boot - Disabled
Above 4G encoding - Enabled
Primary display - PCIe
PCIe link speed = Gen 3
PCIE 2 speed = X4
TPM - Firmware

Tools used:
Gibmacos - To prepare usb installer
GenSMBIOS - To generate serial (not validated serial cannot be found for MacPro but works fine)
SSDTTime - To generate SSDT-EC, SSDT-PLUG
Propertree - To edit config.plist
Hackintool - To map intel usb controller

SMBIOS used: MacPro7,1
Booter quirks enabled: Avoid runtime defrag, Provide custom slide, Enable write unprotector
Kernel quirks enabled: Disable linkedit jettison, Disable rtc checksum

Sleep settings: Disable all in energy saver
sudo pmset hibernatemode 0 proximitywake 0 standby 0
One of my monitor is DP 1.4 and another one is DP 1.2. Sleep/wake didn't work if I enable smart hdr in my Dell monitor.

Optional post installation changes made:
Enabled kernel quirk customsmbios and changed platform info customsmbios from create to custom, so device info is not injected to windows boot.
Scanpolicy 1281 for booting only windows and mac nvme drives
Added usb device property acpi-wake-type = 1 so it wakes up with keyboard and mouse
Added the following commands in terminal
Don't create .dsstore files
defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores -bool true
Faster mouse speed
defaults write -g 4
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