[SUCCESS] HP Z600 Dual X5675 3.07GHz MSI GTX-1070 Gaming X

Dec 10, 2018
iMac Pro
3.2GHz Intel Xeon W
Nvidia GTX 1070
Hi, in the end I managed to successfully install high Sierra macOS on my HP Z600 computer and with the Nvidia drivers for my GTX 1070 graphics card. I have tested it with several applications that use 3D graphics such as the Unity 3D development environment or some games of the Steam platform for macOS.
I've installed two USB 3 cards, one USB 3.0 with NEC Renesas D720201 and other with USB 3.1 5Gb ASM1142.

I have tried several USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 devices in the different ports of the computer and they appear working correctly. My IPAD 2018 appers to charge when connected to the USB-C port of the ASM1142 card using a Lightning to USB-C adapter, although it gives the impression that macOS goes crazy when detecting the different subsystems and how the devices are connected. I admit that I feel overwhelmed when it comes to creating a customized configuration for USB and I would love someone to publish a guide for profane people on the subject. I honestly get lost at the moment that in a tutorial terms like XHC, XHCI injector, EHC2, etc. begin to appear ...

I always start macOS from a USB boot disk with Clover, I select the partition of an additional SATA hard drive to boot the system and so I do not have to touch anything from the boot partition of the hard drives where I have Windows 10 installed.

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