[Success] Dell Vostro 220s (slim) Intel G45M03 motherboard

Oct 10, 2012
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My roommate just found one of these on the sidewalk in Oakland with no hard drives in it but a DVD drive, Intel duo 3.2ghz and 4GB DDR2 800 RAM. Booted CMOS just fine but couldn't boot into my Ubuntu 14 flash drive for some reason. I blame unetbootin.

I then tried my Mavericks flash drive just to see if was the USB ports or something. Chimera came up so I thought I'd try to reach the installer an,d see what popped up in verbose. And it got to the installer! Totally shocked. No arguments needed either and it only took like 5 min. It seemed old so it didn't occur to me at all that it might be compatible.

So we went and got a Toshiba 250 GB SSD for about 120$ at Best Buy and a 2nd hand nVidia GT 220 low profile card for about 30$ at CEX. Setup the SSD with 2 partitions for Windows/Mac dual boot and installed Mac just fine. I started looking deeper into forums for the proper MultiBeast install without too much hope since I couldn't really find too much more info aside from this post (which basically told me there's a possibility). I was also searching using the MB number not the Dell Vostro 220 model number and missed all the success posts of the non slim version somehow. So we figured to just try something and see what happens.

I installed DSDT free
Latest version of voodoo
3rd party sata
trim enabler(not needed)
realtek rlt81xx
and then desktop hibernation

And it worked first try. everything but voodoo. but that wasn't really a concern. we're both audio engineers and use interfaces for monitoring so onboard sound is not usually a concern for me unless it's a laptop. we hooked up an old fast track and m-audio speakers and works great in combination with an insignia tv and Bluetooth usb dongle for apple magic mouse and keyboard. On-board sound would be a bonus though. I saw another post where someone generated the DSDT for the "non slim" version. not sure if it would work with this MB. the system definition cpu spec is messed but the thing is I don't really care for it much. reads 4.3 ghz.
the on-board Intel graphics is pretty crummy. so we dropped the nVidia card into the one PCI-E slot it has and and installed the 1080 boot argument, which I'm not sure if it was needed but did anyway, and it works great besides a few known issues like no sound through HDMI. Oh and it was the wrong form factor. even though the site specs said it was low profile it looked too big in the store... I think It had been adapted or something (being 2nd hand) and then I started trippin. we were both trippin. but we were anxious so we just got it anyway and saw that it was totally not the right size when we got home. the card was but the outer plate wasn't.So i just took that little plate off and rigged it up! fits fine.
Game time! thank you universe. This was without a doubt the cleanest and easiest CustoMac I've ever installed. Took around 3 hours tops and it was my roommates first CustoMac so he's pretty stoked. Geekbench: 1765 single 3280 multi. and whoever looted the hard drives from this before it was abandoned also took all the mounting gear the ssd is just kind of suspended by sata cables for now.

These things are pretty cheap on eBay too. Under $200 usually so I might just grab one too!
Sep 8, 2019
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could you please share your EFI folder?