[Success] ASUS TUF Gaming Z490-PLUS - i9-10850K - Saphire Radeon RX590 Nitro+

Hello GeraldB and itsneydude

I hope you're well
Thanks for posting and sharing all your feedback.
I'm stuck trying to update to monterey or ventura.
I've a fully functional system running under catalina.
But I have to update to monterey or ventura because my plugins are not supported anymore on old macos.
I tried to follow opencore guide but I failed to build a functional EFI.
Do you what should I copy/ paste from my old EFI what are the new kexts or strings I should modify to get the installation to finish.
I'm a noob so please be gentle.

Thanks for your help,

It should be easy to create a working EFI when you follow the guide which @trs96 has created for us:
This tool will also help you to keep it up to date for the future. I am away from Hackintosh as there will come an end to this hobby very soon. Apple doesn't sell Intel chips any longer and there will be only security updates for a while. No new OS version with support for intel chips. Good luck all! I have really enjoyed this hobby for almost 15 years.
Hey GeraldB,

Thanks for your reply !

I finally managed to install Monterey on my Pc.
I've watched tutos on Youtube and read many articles on Tonymacx to be able to built a working EFI.
Yours were of course very helpful.

Thanks for the link to OCAT. It's look very easy to use.

Thanks again,