P8H77M-ML not audio

Feb 23, 2013
P8H77M LE & GA-Z87-D3HP
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ATI6660 & GT460
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I too suggest Starting all over again

  1. Prepare your Unibeast USB Installer in a Mac or Hackintosh strictly following the GUIDE ; You may use Downloaded OS X 10.10.3 in the Applications folder
  2. Make sure Your BIOS Settings are carefully selected for OS X Installation according to the Guidelines for your Motherboard. It is good to make a List of BIOS Options used both changed ones and Default ones and stick it on your Computer desk for quick reference and adding to your post.
  3. Make sure to choose the correct Boot flags for the installation. What worked for your earlier version of OS X install is what you can start with. I always make a List of Boot Flags I create a Label and stick close to the particular Computer.
When you post questions Besides posting your Hardware SPECS of Motherboard and its BIOS Version, Graphics card, RAM , HDD(s) , the above 3 data given in the post make the troubleshoot a lot easier and smoother.:)

Good luck to you.

thank you so much sir.