Name the Next macOS (11.0)

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Here's some tips for your "educated" guesses of the next macOS name. Don't pick any city in California, they've never done that in the last 7 years and probably won't this year. It needs to be a named "place" not an official city. They switched to California landmarks back in 2013 when Mavericks came out. Catalina of course is an island and not officially a city. The primary city on Catalina is called Avalon. Why no cities ? There's a few reasons. The most obvious one is that the wallpapers can't have any man made objects or even people in them. Two things that every modern city has within much of it's boundaries.

Here's the list since 2011, minus the most recent Catalina in 2019.

Screen Shot 10.jpg

Wherever the place in California is it has to have beautiful scenery for the wallpapers. I'm going with Big Sur this year. It meets all the criteria I've mentioned. Just Google it and look at some of the photography of the place.
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