macOS 13.3 Update

It was time to update OC 0.8.7 > 0.9.0, I then clicked on update and I'm pretty sure it went like a bought one would - too easy. I did have an interesting colour flash/splash on first boot to macOS. See how we go.
The download size is 2.x GB.
However, for another Hackintosh machine, after the 2.x GB downloaded, it complains preparing failure.
Then it download the full 12.x GB image and update successfully too.


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OC 0.9.0 - no issues so far
For AMD CPU users make sure to add the new kernel patch in your OC config.plist, read the instructions in this link: AMD-OSX/AMD_Vanilla
This was another quick and easy MacOS update on my three daily drivers.
The update took around 20 mins plus the usual three reboots
All systems running OpenCore 0.9.0 + Latest kexts.

Z490 Desktop system 1 (MonkeyMac-Pro White Knight 2.0 in sig)
Z490 Desktop system 2 (MonkeyMac-Pro White Knight 2.1 in sig)
Kaby Lake based laptop (MonkeyBook-Pro X360 in sig)
After the 13.3 update both Z490 systems suffered from non functional native Broadcom WiFi which was soon identified as an issue with new changes made to IOPCIFamily in 13.3 that affected AppleVTD and was
resolved by the investigation and subsequent kernel patch released by @CaseySJ .

The patch has already been implemented as a new kernel quirk in the latest development build of OC 0.9.2
and will be included in the next public release.

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Hello ladies and gents,
just testing Ventura MacOS (13.3) on my Dell XPS 15 9570 (bootloader is OC 0.9.1) on the side of the already installed Monterey MacOS.

All good so far.

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