[Guide] Creating a Custom SSDT for USBInjectAll.kext

Apr 9, 2020
Asus K53E
HD 3000
MacBook Pro
Rehabman, Thank you so very much for your guide. It has been a great eye opener and a fantastic help.
I was having so much trouble with my USB's for such a long time.
I really started to understand using ioreg that the names in there have to be Apple.
to create SSDT's to interject into the system. My machine has never ran so smooth.

Now if I can get this to sleep and hibernate.

I have uploaded ioreg.
Please let me know what else I can do.

I found this program or app called USBMap which is fantastic and help a great deal. Created USBMap.kext which needs USBinjectAll.kext and the renames for the USB in DSDT
to EHO1 and 02.

I was never able to make this work prior. I but after installing the kext and the SSDT's they I was able to rename them via config.plist using clover renames.

With the kext created, USBmap.kext, can I remove USBInjectAll.kext and the SSDT-UIAC.aml?
how does this work? Or do I need to at least keep the SSDT-UIAC.kext?
I was hoping by installing FAKEPCIID.kext FAKEPCIMux.kext that the 3.0 USB's would speed up. But no dice
Also I found in the Laptop configs for the power which I was able to use in Devices>Properties per USB Hub device.
EHO1 EHO2 to use the power stats. Works.

Thank you so much. You really are very well in everything you do. I thank you so much.

System Specs at current: Asus K53E BBR old with iCore3 2310m, USB2.0 only, HD3000, HDMI,
Sandybridge 00000100, Mojave 10.14.6, El Capitan 10.11.6, Sierra 10.12.6, High Sierra 10.13.6 ( offline at the moment USB issues. ). several HDD's to swap out. Clover variations to see what is best 5112, 5114, 5116, (5117 had some issues so removed in favor of the back issues.)

UPDATE: Corrected with SSDT for battery
I have an issue with BatteryManager on boot low threshold delay and high threshold delay.
Several other issues. One at a time. each one is time consuming.



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Dec 31, 2013
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Hi.. From my experience..

I updated Clover (5118) and some of the kext files and found that sleep stopped working. On further checks, I found that the SSDT-UIAC was not being loaded and this probably was one of the issues causing the sleep.

In short, I reverted to the kext from RehabMans Bitbucket release of the USBInjectAll.kext and the SSDT-UIAC was ok again. The one that did not work seems to be the one I got from Sniki USBInjectAll.kext