GTX 660 Ti Compatibility and Issues

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Jun 1, 2011
Asus P7P55D
i5 750 (OC'd) 3.2 Ghz
EVGA GTX 660 Ti 2Gb
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Just wanted to report how I am doing with my new EVGA GTX 660 Ti Superclocked on my Mountain Lion build.

I am using a Asus P7P55D with a modified VoodooHDA for audio. When I upgraded my 460 to the 660 Ti the machine would not start so I removed the VoodooHDA kext after some scrambling around and that did the trick. I reinstalled it after the upgrade was done and now everything works fine with a few exceptions.

First, whenever I unplug a monitor from my system, the system will freeze in a way very similar to the dreaded 'Fermi Freeze.' Otherwise my two monitors have behaved on the card.

Second, occasionally when I am playing games (specifically Sanctum and CS:GO) that game will crash due to a "NVDA(OpenGL) channel exception". I have reason to believe this might be a problem with my motherboard or the games themselves, having just been released for Mac. Either way it is only occasional and by no means periodic.

Lastly, my performance in Cinebench is only around 31 FPS. I've seen others report 40 FPS for 660s. I'd like to know why its low, but the performance in games has been as good as I expected, so I'm not complaining.

Update: I ran LuxMark Sala and got a score of 923. That is slightly lower than what I've seen reported by others.
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