Gigabyte Z490 Vision D (Thunderbolt 3) + i5-10400 + AMD RX 580

I've just updated my Hackintosh to Monterey. 25 minutes and a few automatic reboots.

Smooth and easy process! :)

Z490 Vision D + i7 10700 + RX580 (OC 0.7.4)

Boot time: 1 min. aprox. (1 TB WD Black SN750 NVMe)
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I am going to install macOS Monterey and see if it will resolve the long boot time issue. Currently, my Sidecar is not working under Big Sur 11.6. Does anyone have any idea how to fix that? My Hackintosh detect my iPad Pro. But it just get black screen on my iPad Pro when I tried to connect it, and I got the error code 401 and 455. I have tried sign in and out of my iCloud account on both my Hackintosh and iPad but it does not work. I am currently running the iMacPro 1,1 config with internal graphics disabled. Someone mentioned that Sidecar requires internal graphics enabled to work, is that true? @CaseySJ
Just upgraded to Monterey, and am experiencing very long boot times (also have a Samsung 970 pro). I am using the latest opencore with z490 version D and 10900k.

Wondering if there are any known fixes/workarounds (like using Hfs+, or formating and reinstalling)?
It’s not wrong, but in my circle of professionals, we all keep bootable clones of our system installs because of the time it takes to install our individual software packages and libraries, and as @mm2margaret pointed out, our deadlines can be tight enough that a day of downtime to reinstall can sink a project. So, without bootable backup, we’re forced into having backup machines.

So, @CaseySJ, I think you'll like this analysis and recommendation:

if Apple continue to push this as hard as they are (no bootable backups), and you need a great spare/backup Mac, well then this is a great argument for a Hackintosh spare! It's obviously cheaper, easier to upgrade, alter in many ways and put into production. As long as Macs support x86, then this can be a viable option!

So, there, another argument for a Hackintosh....if you need a spare, well, here is one viable (and affordable) option!
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there's no good bootable backup solution

Maybe a hardware disk cloner ?
Has the disadvantage of needing a drive of equal or greater capacity though.
OK, I reinstalled Monterey on an Inland Premium 2TB NVME and then restored settings and files from my CCC backup disk via the Transfer Assistant.

Boot time is now 23 seconds vs close to two minutes on the Samsung 970 plus
I am installing Monterey right now and hope the new OS will resolve the long boot time issue. I was on Samsung 970 EVO (the not plus version) , but I switched to the Western Digital SN550. The boot time fluctuate a lot on SN 550. Sometimes it takes less than 20 seconds to boot and sometimes takes around 90 seconds to boot. @manfriday Does your sidecar work? What config are you running on? Did enable internal graphics in the BIOS? Please let me know and thank you for sharing!
Please try new BlueToolFixup:
I've just tried, nothing has changed. Sorry.