amd hackintosh

Sep 27, 2023
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Ryzen 5 5500U
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hi can i make a hackintosh with a Ryzen 5?
hi can i make a hackintosh with a Ryzen 5?.
Yes you can, your laptop should be fine, might have to switch off gpu for the iGPU to function.
I have only this video card(integrated)
Any chance you can provide a little more detail. That's why we ask members to fill in their signature, it helps us help you.
Graphics Model
AMD Radeon™ Graphics
Graphics Core Count
Graphics Frequency
1800 MHz
Ok, I see, so no GPU, just iGPU, I think you'll be fine. You will need to visit the NootedRed Github and grab yourself a copy of the kext from the Actions tab. I wrote a guide for using Sonoma with Radeon Graphics on a desktop, but not a laptop, @Edhawk knows a bit more about laptops than I do.

Update your User Profile/system data so we know what Desktop/Laptop you are using and the main components in the system.

Like @craighazan said the limited information you have provided doesn't give us a lot to go on. So advising you what to do or pointing you at a similar build running macOS is impossible.
hi can i make a hackintosh with a Ryzen 5?
please read the faq for proper hardware profile setup: