windows 7 dual boot

  1. laptopleon

    Install BCM943602CS WiFi and Bluetooth on Windows 10 / 8 / 7

    I use the Broadcom BCM943602CS on my 'G5' hackintosh. I have a separate Windows SSD that I had to re-install twice last two years. After last, fresh W10 64-bit. pro install the WiFi nor Bluetooth worked any more. Windows won't find drivers. Broadcom's site says they don't don't put drivers...

    MSI PE60 6QE (with upgrades) El Capitan Compatability Concerns

    Hello All, I am brand new here and have some questions that I have not seen answered before in the forms yet. I have an xotic pc modified MSI PE60 6QE laptop that, unfortunately, cannot run several audio programs I use for performance on windows. As such, I wish to keep windows for gaming, as...