1. Einzbern

    VLC Crashing while Building Font Cache.

    Hi. I am trying to open a .mkv file which has subtitles embedded in it. When I open it with VLC, it shows, 'Building font cache' pop up and crashes eventually. (The video file is not corrupted either. I have been playing these video files in my MacBook pro and they work fine.) Note that, VLC...
  2. tonybinjch

    Elitebook 8460P Yosemite HD3000 VLC (and other GPU acceleration) issue

    Hi, I had issues when using VLC. Computer freezings etc. I fix it following this post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmoWoeNrkOs Looks to work... Let me know if you have other solution.
  3. iiggnn2

    Sound stop playing for a few seconds

    Sound stops playing for a few seconds Hello there, i'm a new in here, few weeks ago i built my first hackintosh, here's the specs: Msi H81i 4790k intel i7 2x4gb 1600mhz 9cl Corsair Vengeance black ram 3000Gb seagate hdd 120gb transcend ssd. So, it seems that everything is working fine, by...
  4. keks799

    Inteh HD Graphics 2500 + Mountain Lion

    Hello. I have gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H + Intel Core i5 + integrated Inteh HD Graphics 2500 I try to play any video file, but get an error: Your Mac does not support OpenGL acceleration Your Mac does not support the acceleration of Quartz Extreme, necessary for the output video. Playback will...