video editor

  1. RodroAbra

    HELLO IM NEW! HELP FOR VIDEO EDITOR CPU! i7+z170x gaming3+evga gtx950 2gb

    First at all, im from Argentina, and obviusly the english its not my lenguaje. So, i expect you understand... Im "movie director" , reallise videoclips, and since 2008 work with Imac, but the last month a storm burn my mother, and in argentina, repair or buy a replace its TO expensive, cost...
  2. davidmanwel

    Video Editors Build! HELP! ( Premiere pro, AE, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Maya, etc..)

    Hi so this will be my first hac pro build, only building it for video editing such as premiere pro, after effects with some 3D, photoshop, etc.. As of right now i am not getting into Cinema 4D or Maya but definitely plan to within the next year or 2. The only 3D I am doing now is in After...
  3. StellyWeddings

    Help out my shopping list for my first build.

    I'm a professional video editor. Right now I'm getting by on a macbook pro and using a second screen that's a 40 inch TV. I use Final Cut, and the adobe suite. Performance is okay, but I'm definitely ready for a desktop. I won't be bothering with any version of windows, only OSX on this machine...
  4. thecaptiveman

    Potential Parts List for Video Editing Hackintosh

    I'm looking to make a Hackintosh for video editing. I'll mostly be using Premiere Pro, though occasionally FCPX and Avid. I'll also be using a lot of After Effects and Photoshop. This is my first time building a PC and obviously my first Hackintosh, as well. I'm a little intimidated but...