vda decoding

  1. miliuco

    [GUIDE] Intel UHD Graphics 630 Coffee Lake headless mode / main card

    How to set the integrated graphics card Intel UHD Graphics 630 Coffee Lake Refresh (9 generation) in headless mode (without cable) to be used in video encoding tasks, bringing the image to the monitor with Radeon RX 580, adding hardware video encoding and decoding to the system, or as main card...
  2. nkdonut

    (Guide) Enabling partial hardware video acceleration with Intel HD 610

    This is a guide on how to enable hardware video acceleration (encoding and decoding) on macOS 10.13 High Sierra using the Intel HD 610. Prerequisites Intel HD 610 (I’m using this on the Intel Pentium G4560 processor) Dedicated graphics. I’m on an NVIDIA card but I expect an AMD to work as...
  3. Pieroman69

    Hardware video decoding (VDA) broken after Yosemite update ?

    Hello all, I have a peculiar problem on my Hackintosh, which I just upgraded from Mavericks to Yosemite (10.10.1), using Clover (motherboard with UEFI bios). Most things seem to be working quite well, but every program that tries to use hardware video decoding crashes, when in Mavericks it...