1. RowenDJ

    Mac OS and data on separated drives

    Hello to everyone! I’d like to keep my system on one drive (250GB SSD) and my data on another drive(2TB HDD). How do I go about this? Is it possible to keep my Home directory on a drive other than the startup drive? Thanks!
  2. singngbadger

    [SOLVED] User Profile Gone

    Im locked out of my Hackintosh . It starts up to login page but comes up with. OTHER and looking for user name and login . I don't have either. Tried my existing one but it's obviously gone. recovery isn't working either comes up to grey screen an rotating ball. Is there a way through clover...
  3. the_gael

    User Cache - Graphics

    Is there a user cache that stores graphics information on Sierra? If so is it in ~/Library/Caches and what is its name? The reason I ask is that I appear to have a user specific issue with display see my post below from Post Installation>Graphics #1
  4. diebolo

    Booting without cpus=1 results freeze at FIPS USER Space POST Success!

    Well, Booting without the boot flag cpus=1 will result in a stuck screen -v: After: it gets stuck (See photo). Boot flags that I use: kernel-dev-mode=1 dart=0 nv_disable=1 I followed RehabMan's guide of Native power management for laptop's but I don't know how to verify success of this guide...
  5. Fiser

    Error when I'm creating the account user

    I use Unibeast and I install Yosemite 10.3, with last versions I haven't this problem. When I launch the OS X for the first time and I'm cretting the user account, this never create account, the circle continue turning. If I reset, the system not detected the account but If I use the last...
  6. MightySlaytanic

    Is it safe to use my Apple-ID credentials on an Hackintosh?

    Hi, I'm going to build my first 10.10 hackintosh as soon as november buyer's guide comes out, and I was wondering if it is safe to use my "official" apple-id credentials within Yosemite on the hackintosh.. It is really important to me not to have problems with Apple (i.e. user blocked or other...
  7. SunLizard

    Gigabyte Z97MX-Gaming 5 compile errors

    Greetings. For various reasons, Im bringing up my system riding on a clover bootloader. While I've got a stable system, I want to enable the IGFX on my Haswell i7 4770K (a HD4600 chip.) I believe using the standard patch IGX0 to IGPU will do the trick. No problems finding that patch in...
  8. Ryanator

    Second User settings issues. (10.8.3 new build)

    **SPECS** Intel Core i7,Quad 3.49 Ghz 16Gb RAM GTX 660 Ti Z77X-UD5H Board Water Cooler Dual Monitor (LGIPS231) 240Gb SSD (Mac Only/Boot dev.) 500Gb SATA (Mac Only/Storage) 650Gb SATA (Mac Only/Storage) 500Gb SATA (Win 7 Ent/NTFS) iSight CAM (original Firewire) First, On the main Admin account...
  9. MusicallyMinded

    [SOLVED]buying/Downloading/ installing osx using someone elses apple ID and/or mac question

    Hi all, I went to buy and install mountain lion on my USB flash drive today using uni beast and the method outlined in the guide. My friend (who's iMac I was using for this transaction) was concerned that since we were using his apple id and system to buy and download the program this may...