1. Carlox97

    << Solved >> SSDT GPU spoof/rename stopped working since WhateverGreen 1.5.2

    I have a RX 550 that needs to be spoofed in order to get Hardware acceleration. I managed to do that with the attached SSDT on OpenCore 0.6.3 (November '20), yesterday I decided to update OpenCore and kexts to 0.7.4 (current). The problem is that now my spoof SSDT doesn't work anymore: my GPU...
  2. Dragonborn

    Have someone succeeded in spoofing id of Intel Iris XE graphic?

    Hello, I've been recently experimented Big Sur on my new laptop(Xiaomi pro 14, i7-11370H, Intel Iris XE graphic) and managed to boot the installation. But there're still problems with IGPU and Batterymanager. I check a lot of posts and find many same cases because apple didn't compile a drive...
  3. misterphoton

    Spoofing OS into "Sierra." HP Elitebook 8560p Laptop?

    Hello, Thanks for your help. I hope this is not an off topic against the rules (if so I did not see anything regarding).. I am trying to spoof my OS into thinking it's Sierra, as Mavericks & Yosemite are the OS versions where all the hardware works without problems (more or less except the...
  4. ermo

    [SUCCESS] El Capitan - GA-EP45-DS3R (BIOS F11e) + Q9400 + Radeon HD 4850

    Just wanted to share my success story with building and installing a CustoMac made from old parts, using UniBeast and MultiBeast. Admittedly, it is not the first time I've installed OS X on this particular rig, but with the magic of Clover, it has definitely been the smoothest install by far...