1. Shalom

    High Sierra hackintosh crashing in Render

    Hello guys, recently I've made my hackintosh, and I'd like to make some videos on it. But when I render the video, my computer freeze, and I have to restart it, same problem in premiere and DaVinci resolve. I have no idea how to solve it, please help me.
  2. cinetone

    Quick Sync help (Hardware Encoding Supported)

    hello everyone, i need help. i build hackintosh high sierra intel i9 9900k 8core gigabyte aorus master z390 nvidia 1080ti fe samsung 970 m.2 nvme 500gb pci cooler master 1000v i want to know how to quicksync enable. Hardware Encoding Supported i want it please help me i also use this way but...
  3. jspalding

    reboot whenever rendering out of the Adobe Suite

    I've spent the last few weeks running around tonymac, insanelymac and ****** trying various suggestions but no one has my specific situation so I figured I better start a new thread. AFAIK I've updated all my Kexts and .efi's, everything else works swimmingly (audio, Ethernet, USB, etc.) and...
  4. jspalding

    Restart while rendering Adobe (premiere/after effects/ media encoder)

    running High Sierra 10.13.6 i7-8700K Geforce 1070 32GB DDR4 Ram (2x16GB RipJaw Cards) Gigabyte Auros Z370 Gaming Wifi Mobo Using the 387. Web Drivers for (17G65) build and CUDA 410.130 SMBIOS is iMac14,2 since I heard it was stable-ish (though I had it on iMac18,3 with the...
  5. neosonic2k

    iMovie in High Sierra exports green noise video, audio is fine

    Hi. Whenever I export any project in iMovie, the result is always green noise video with flashes of the original video as it plays. Audio is fine however. I was looking through the forum and couldn't find anyone else with iMovie issues. I did see someone with the same issue but with Premiere...
  6. charlesbelisle

    Premiere Pro makes the computer crash

    Hi, I'm using Premiere Pro on a frequent basis but have a major problem with the software : whenever I'm trying to render a sequence (Render In Out), the computer restarts randomly. It only takes a few seconds before it shutdown by itself. I'm not sure why it's happening. Here's what I...
  7. Gohmn

    4 GPU Render Machine - Wait for Coffee Lake?

    Hey all, new Hackintosher here. I'm in the process of planning a build that will eventually hold four 1080 ti's to be used with Octane Render. Just wondering if anybody has advice for me on my choice of hardware. My goal is this: 4 1080 ti's As Hackintosh friendly as possible. Originally...
  8. ThunderDome

    Dual Xeons: Best Workstation for Keyshot (Xeon Phi?/Thunderbolt?) - $2800 Best Value

    I've finally convinced my current employer to throw down the money for a new workstation. As I'm spending someone else's money, I'm really trying to be smart about it. I put together a parts list with two friends, one of the best 3D artists I know, and a high-end IT manager, but I'm not...
  9. evohack

    Xcode app icons are not rendered correctly

    Hi, I just installed mac os 10.12.1 (16B2657) on my hackintosh with the most recent nvidia web drivers and cuda drivers. I have a GTX 970. All process goes smoothly, but after installing Xcode 8.1 the latest version I noticed that all app icons and the apple menu bar icon are not rendered...
  10. Capanga

    Premiere CC2015 ProRes Render Issue

    Hey there guys, I'm having a problem with Premiere CC2015. Whenever I create a timeline using apple prores (any format) as the render codec just as I hit Return to render, the render starts then stops at 0,01% and doesn't move any further. If I hit Cancel, Premiere crashes. It has happened...
  11. crudkin

    Can't Enable CUDA in Adobe CC

    I am running Premiere Pro CC (2015.0.1) and Media Encoder and cannot enable CUDA. It's not even listed as an option under the rendering engine drop down menu. Open CL is causing massive glitches in renders, and some have said that switching to CUDA solves the problem. Using just the "Mercury...
  12. sea-cam

    Advice on After Effects & Premier, editing Build

    I have a 2009 Mac Pro with a GTX 680 with dual quad core xenon 2.8 processors and 8 Gig of ram. I want to upgrade but the new Mac Pro's are too expensive. I tested the 8 core mac with 32 gig of ram on an After Effects green screen project I was working on and it rendered 5 times faster than my...
  13. Shizzlebot5000

    System locks up during econding/rendering

    Hi there! This is my first hackintosh, so please forgive me if I've missed something simple. Up until recently my build has been working just fine. About a week ago I started going back to some Adobe editing programs, After Effects and Encore, which I haven't used yet on this build. (I am a...