1. craighazan

    G5 'No Rear Cut'.

    Budget G5 'No Rear Cut' — BluEye — Gaming Dell 7010 — i7 3770 — RX 560 Components Dell Optiplex 7010 motherboard LGA 1155 P#: 773VG, KRC95, YXT71, GY6Y8, KV62T, W2F8G, 0773VG, 0KRC95, 0YXT71, 0GY6Y8, 0KV62T or 0W2F8G. eBay Intel Core i7-3770 ‘Ivy Bridge’ Base 3.4GHz, Turbo 3.9GHz...
  2. aroostika

    Help Creating DSDT for Gigabyte "GA-Q77M-D2H"

    Hello everyone, I'm at a brick wall with this Hackintosh. I installed 10.8 via Unibeast on my main HD in the Hackintosh system. However, I am having some difficulty with Multibeast. I cannot seem to find a DSDT file, nor a DSDT patch anywhere for my motherboard--Gigabyte GA-Q77M-D2H. I'm...
  3. Hatt

    Intel DQ77MK and i5-3550 boot/display problems

    Hi all, Thanks for all the great advice on the forums, and thanks to tonymacx86 for the great software. I've successfully installed Mountain Lion on the i5-3550 and DQ77MK however I noticed in the unibeast boot up for the installer, it couldn't find smbios.plist. Multibeast 4.6.1 made the...
  4. adamthecarny

    mATX - Benefit of Q77/B75 over Z68 chipset?

    Hi, I'm looking at an mATX formfactor Ivy Bridge socket 1155 build with the i7 3770 and Mountain Lion. After seeing the latest Customac recommended builds, I'm looking for some motherboard buying advice. I'd like to stick to Gigabyte and Realtek audio/LAN to make things as simple as possible...