prohibitory sign

  1. haschu0103

    [Solved] RX 580: Prohibitory sign when booting installer

    Hello there, I already installed macOS on my main PC back when I had a GTX 950. Everything seemed to be working great on my hardware, I have never experienced one single kernel panic. But recently, my GTX 950 broke and I bought a PowerColor Red Devil RX 580. I wanted to reinstall everything...
  2. CaioRizzutti

    Prohibitory sign at installation

    Hey everybody, I'm new here, and i have a question. I'm trying to do my first built hackintosh but i'm stuck into the prohibitory sign when i start the installer. I've try to change the flash drive to a USB port in the back of my computer and not an USB3.0, but that didn't worked. So, what can...
  3. willgraham

    Prohibitory sign after Nvidia web driver install

    I recently was able to install sierra after hours of troubleshooting. I decided to install the web drivers and followed the instructions here. Now I get a prohibitory sign on boot. I've included a picture of the error I am getting.
  4. Campanis

    Hack recognizes NVMe Samsung 960 PRO but can't find system files on startup

    I am working on my second build. OS X 10.12.3 only hardware needing to be mentioned is the NVMe SSD Samsung 960 PRO M.2 I am trying to use the Samsung 960 PRO as the boot drive. I got it working OS X to recognize the drive with this patch and kext...
  5. bwilliams2002

    Randomly get Prohibitory sign after installation

    Well I built a new gaming PC to install Hackintosh, and after I installed El Capitan/ Sierra it randomly gives me a prohibitory sign. I haven't found a forum that can help me with this issue, so it boots sometimes and it gives me a prohibitory sign for the other. Intel Core i7 Skylake NVIDIA...
  6. Starvegal

    [Solved] Prohibitory sign when booting from install USB

    [RESOLVED] Prohibitory sign when booting from install USB Hi everyone, I have a fully functioning Mavericks installation running right now. My build is such that I don't even need to run Multibeast when I do a fresh install - I just need to use the iBoot USB to boot, and I use an external...