printer drivers

  1. Buffex

    Canon Pixma 3150 no longer works after Maverick update

    Good day Folks I am struggling with an printer - scanner issue for some years I have enjoyed a reliable PC Gyg GA-Z77-DS3H mother board 16Gb mem. i7 processor. After updating the Maverick software my printer - scanner was no longer in the system, tried all the solutions I could find including...
  2. nohellforme

    Printer help! Kodak ESP 2150 all in one printer

    I am eternally grateful to the advice and help posted on this website which has helped me to complete my first Hackintosh computer! I have recently run into a problem that I can't figure out. When I go to install my Kodak esp 2150 all-in-one printer the installer runs all the way up to asking...
  3. gotdablues

    Printing Problems with Canon i860 Series and Mac OSx 10.8.2

    I recently upgraded to mountain lion on my Mac, and I'm having trouble setting up my Canon inkjet i860. I am missing a driver for this particular printer. Canon's website doesn't provide any drivers for Mountain lion. Is there any other driver out there that will support this printer and allowed...