1. kuba2102

    Poor Bluetooth signal

    Hi. I had problem with my bluetooth ever since. I have Broadcom 20702B0 native WiFi/BT card with an adapter. Wifi works well but could better to be honest, but my BT range is a joke. I must keep my devices within 1 meter range from the antenna. Originally the adapter came with 4 mountable...
  2. sckn

    GA-H270N-WIFI Poor Performance

    Hi Guys, I am a newbie hackintosher in here. First of all, Thank you all guys for your all effort for us. (for Newbies) I just made a hackintosh system for business --and rarely, gaming--. I just want stability like real Macs. After all those "stress test videos", I felt like a child. So happy...
  3. BhAvZzZ

    Poor Bluetooth Performance

    Hello to all the contributors I'm using an HP ProBook 4540s with a fresh install of El Capitan using the Hotpatch method from RehabMan. Everything works perfectly except my bluetooth. While its picked up as a handoff bluetooth 4 card using the BCM94352HMB, I have patchy signal at best when...
  4. tvracingparts

    The poor mans Hackintosh

    Link: http://amzn.com/w/1XH2NA948P6HA I'm building a hackintosh with the following parts, evga geforce gt 610, logisy 368 with case and power, intel celeron g1610 and 4gb of kingston 1333mhz blue ram. gigabyte LGA 1155 H61, I have old hard drive. will this set up work? will I run into any...