1. jaymonkey

    An iDiot's Guide To Lilu and its Plug-ins

    An iDiot's Guide To Lilu and its Plug-in's Last Update: 20th Aug 2020 (Add Comet Lake Desktop Headless PlatformID) About this Guide This guide is written as a helping hand to those users who have some understanding of using legacy hackintosh methods but are considering using Lilu as a means...
  2. maxi322

    [Solved] FakeSMC Plugins don't work

    I updated to macOS 10.13.2 without any hustle pretty much. After that I updated my FakeSMC and Plugins to the latest Version and the Sensors do not work anymore (no temp or frequency readout). BTW I have all my kexts installed in /Library/Extentions. The older version of FakeSMC and Plugins were...
  3. dario2308

    10.8.2 Cant see GPU temps after installing Removing Kext from Fakesmc.

    10.8.2 Cant see GPU temps after Removing Kext from Fakesmc in Extensions Delete the whole fakesmc from extensions. Then boot into safe mode with -x and then install fakesmc and fakesmc plugins from Mulitbeast. then reboot.
  4. marbleduck

    FakeSMC plugins causing problems (Z68XP-UD3P users please read)

    On my GA-Z68XP-UD3P/ GTX670 rig, installing any FakeSMC plugin on mountain lion causes Multibeast to become unresponsive. I end up having to hold the power button down to turn the computer off, and upon reboot, I kernel panic. Can those also with this Z68XP board but *without* a 670 verify...