pci cards

  1. rayceyiii

    what Pci sound card is compatible with mojave?

    Hi, I'm looking to find out what are my options in buying a sound card that's straight out the box compatible with mojave mac os? And nooo i am not looking into getting a usb audio adaptor. My onboard ALC 1150 is not working so i'm looking to buy a good (not too expensive) sound card.
  2. MatijaMilikic

    Dell Inspiron 17-5758 "no PCI cards or devices connected" (10.12.6)

    Hi,this is my first time making hackintosh,and so far I made all the things except wi-fi, bluetooth and ethernet work. I really don't have any ideas how to make it work.When I go into "System Information">PCI it says that there are not PCI cards or devices connected.I installed @RehabMan...
  3. kokozedman

    [Solved] PCI devices not detected (only PCIe)

    Hi guys, My mobo is Asus H97M-PLUS. Most things work, including Sleep. But I have a weird problem. As the title say, I can only have devices on PCI Express ports detected; PCI (legacy ports) devices are not detected at all. I have tried these devices: FireWire card Network adapter TP-Link...
  4. todod

    Help !!!

    PCI cards - This computer doesn't contain any PCI cards or devices . If you installed or connected , a PCI card or devices , make sure they're properly installed . ??????
  5. mikahFSmusic

    Avid Support on Hack Pro, Pro Tools Systems

    Hey All! Built my Hackintosh for personal use a while back and thanks to you guys it's working beautifully. I'm now building one for a friend but I need to know; Will Avid provide tech support if you are using their Pci cards in a hackintosh? Their decision to continue with the build is...