osx el capitan

  1. 6KhaZix9

    abnormal code: 255

    Hello guys, I arleady done my hackintosh with El Capitan using Multibeast and Unibeast but it was pretty unstable. Now I'm trying a Clover Vanilla clean installation but when I boot the usb in -v mode by clicking the spacebar in the clover menu, it stuck at this error: date hour year...
  2. MattyZ

    OSX 10.12 Sierra vs OSX 10.11 El Capitan?

    Anyone have any preferences between these two options, or experience with both? I'm specifically wondering if either have any better track record when it comes to audio performance. (I'm working with Ableton myself, but curious about Logic or other DAWs as well.) I've read some people arguing...
  3. Jumbosteven

    Windows 10 won't boot up with R9 290 on Windows SSD

    Hi, So I installed OSX El Capitan on my Gigabyte z97x-UD3H a few weeks ago and everything went smoothly, but I had problems with my the OSX not detecting the r9 290 that I have installed and it kept saying that I only had like 7mb of graphics available instead of the 4GB that was actually...
  4. RvGPredator

    I don't see the Unibeast loading screen

    Hello. Excuse me for any grammatical errors. I followed a few guides on youtube and on this website on how to install osx to a personal computer. I simply downloaded El Capitan by the apple store and using Unibeast I completed the process on my USB (30 gb), and after I added multibeast into the...
  5. rgilron

    Unibeast 6.1.1. fails to install 10.11.2

    I am running on a mac, trying to create a bootable disk. I carefully read all instructions. Ran Unibeast 6.1.1 trying to mount a downloaded (to Applications folder) copy of 10.11.2. Running on a formatted SanDisk Cruzer 8GB, USB 2.0. It is formated with GUID partition map (GPT) with one...
  6. jonasnow

    OSX 10.11.2 fail on install

    Hey Guys (I'm German sorry for my bad english) First i have a list of my hardware Mainboard: Gigabyte z87x ud4h CPU: 4790k GPU: - Ram: DDR3 16gb Crucial Ballistix sport 1600 cl9 I think that are the Important Hardware My problem i start my pc with a 3.0 32gb USB stick it works :) than I'm in...
  7. 11212

    Some problems gone, some appears... - Intel HD3000

    Hi! I have succesfully enabled the HD3000 card in OS X El Capitan, but some problems appears again... Working: - Built-in screen with full QE/CI. - HDMI and VGA ports Problems: - The system sometimes freeze with error message in console: 2015. 10. 04. 18:28:49,000 kernel[0]: **** Debug...
  8. iBrag31

    How to install OSX El Capitan on Hackintosh Yosemite ?

    Hello my PC works on OSX Yosemite 10.10.5 and I want to install OSX El Capitan 10.11 on it, anyone can show me how ?