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  1. NinYagami

    -bash: /usr/bin/bdmesg: No such file or directory

    Problem: I can't get the bdmesg command to work in terminal on one of my OSX installations. Situation: I created two partitions and installed MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 to both of them for troubleshooting purposes. One is my old installation on partition "Macintosh HD", and the new clean installation...
  2. Siralland01

    [solved] macOS Sierra does not detect SSD during installation

    I have looked everywhere for 2 days now. I have read so many forums and tutorials and I cannot find a solution. I am trying to reformat my SSD during installation but Disk Utility does not see it. The only thing showing up in Disk Utility is the USB drive. I have AHCI enabled, VT-D disabled, and...
  3. c.pappas

    Internal HDD shows in Disk Utility but not Finder

    Hey everyone, Hoping to find a solution to this weird problem. I have a 2tb internal hdd that has worked great for about 10 days and I have read and wrote to and from it just fine. Today I turned my computer on and it acts as if its just not there. I have troubleshooted to the best of my...
  4. cardcomm

    Valid DVD Drive could not be found - El Capitan

    Hi, I've just upgraded my machine OS X El Capitan with the clover boot loader. I've gotten all of my hardware working. And even my dvd drive is recognized. But I'm still getting the "Valid DVD Drive could not be found" error when trying to play .dvdmedia files. I've already replaced the...
  5. sietevirtual

    Yosemite Installer can't finish "not found screen".

    Mobo : GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 CPU : i7 2600k Graphics : gtx 260 RAM : 16gb Hello I have a working Mountain Lion 10.8.5 Hackingtosh, I tried to install the new Yosemite. But after it starts loading the installation goes to a "not found" screen, just like the images. Thanks in advance.
  6. Noobofallnoobs

    Hackintosh randomly looses "Boot Device?"

    Not sure what exactly happened, but i havent used my hackintosh for about a month, and today i tried going on it, and i couldn't seem to get it to work. Normally, when i start up my hackintosh, it takes me to the boot screen, where it shows the circles, allowing you to navigate between them with...