multi monitors

  1. Azimuth1

    Enabling 5K display with ATI Radeon RX480/580

    Enabling 5K display with ATI Radeon RX480/580 As matter of fact I’ve always been driven by a desire to have a 5K monitor working in a multi display configuration. Since last year I’ve jumped on the red ATI bandwagon and, in doing so, all my efforts have been moved towards ATI GPUs. My HW...
  2. Tamerax

    "cheap" fanless video cards for a 3-4 monitor system

    Hello! I'm trying to find a fully compatible video card that will work with a Sierra based system that will output to 3 monitors (or 4 if possible) but runs on a passive cooler (it's used in a sound studio environment). I also would really like to not spend a lot of money as I don't need...
  3. jdchathuranga

    Use both IGPU (Intel HD Graphics 4000) and Nvdia GTX 970

    I have perfectly working hackintosh with following configuration. Intel Core i7 3770K 8GB of RAM Two WD Caviar Blue 500GB HDDs Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H Motherboard Two monitors (One with HDMI and other one is DVI) For this config my rig is very stable, and recently i got PNY GTX 970 (Which has 1...
  4. dextercry

    PowerColor HD6870 - 3rd monitor not working

    Hi! I would like to connect a 3rd monitor to my PowerColor HD6870 but only 2 monitors work. Right now I have 1 monitor connected with DVI and 1 with HDMI The 3rd monitor I want to connect it with ether DVI or mini displayport for mini displayport I have this adaptor Here is my...
  5. MacAndor

    GTX 670 - 3 Monitors

    Hi all! I was thinking I should post this info. GPU: GV-N670OC-2GD Monitors: 3 x LG E2251 (FullHD) OS Version: Mac OS X 10.8.2 boot.plist options: GraphicsEnabler=No Notes: 2 monitors (1 on HDMI and 1 on DVI)...