msi h81m e33

  1. jayjr1105

    New hack working great other than sleep

    Hi all, New hack built just today with some spare parts lying around. i5 4670 MSI H81M-E34 8GB DDR3 1600 R7 265 (recognized as 7850 I believe) Intel SSD System has been amazing so far. I have been able to overcome the missing audio hurdle but I'm confused on what might need done for sleep...
  2. AereGloria

    First Hackintosh Build

    Hello, this will be my very first hackintosh build and I am both excited and nervous. I hope everything goes well! These are the components that I bought: MSI H81M E33, I3 4330, and Edimax ew7811un. From my research these are all compatible but I just want to make sure. Also, I want to dual boot...