mini pci-e

  1. biri

    Mini PCIe Adaptor

    Hello, I have a Dell 9020 USFF and I have bought a Mini PCIE adaptor for a BCM94360CS2. This combo works great in other computers, but not in the Dell. I have tried with numerous cards, for example an old iMac BCM94321MC and they are recognized perfectly in the BIOS (in the dell), but with the...
  2. MissCatD

    Burned Out on Understanding Internal Apple Bluetooth/Wifi Compatibility with OS X Sierra 2017. Help…

    Okay, ladies and gentlemen, so let's first get out of the way that I am indeed a Hackintosh building Newbie. I have, however, spent an entire week doing countless hours of research on how to make the ideal desktop computer for my needs [video editing, graphic design, digital illustration and...
  3. Winthryth

    Mini PCI-E to PCI-E Adapter shorting-out Mobo

    I decided to make this post because I was having this problem where my AW-CE123H wifi card, plugged into a Mini PCI-E to PCI-E adapter, was shorting out my mobo. I know others who have had this problem too, and I couldn't find any posts talking about this problem. On particular wifi cards...
  4. evenstranger

    Gigabyte GA-B75N has working mini PCI-E slot

    Gigabyte Ga-B75N mini-itx board has a working mini pci-express slot:
  5. bloodstrike

    PCI-e WiFi, attach Bluetooth to unused antenna?

    Not sure if this is the place to ask this, but here's my question. Following a lot of the guides out there, I picked up an Apple mini PCI-e airport card and a mini PCI-e to PCI-e adapter card with 3 antennas link this one (quick google search): . The Airport cards only have two antenna...