media server

  1. Robbish

    Which NAS do you use with your Hackintosh ?

    Hi Forum, Having read Middleman's post about Drobo filing for Chapter 11 Bancruptcy and my desire to one day build my own Linux based NAS, I was wondering what type of NAS (examples below) that others are using with their Hacks and whether the experience has been good or bad when used with a...
  2. LmnLm3

    [n00b] PLEX Media Server not available from outside network after EVERY REBOOT

    Sorry if this is longwinded or more detail than necessary! I'm a total n00b when it comes to networking :( I finally got my 10.11.6 machine to run with a static private IP so my Verizon FIOS router would keep it available with port forwarding rules, but it seems whenever the machine gets...
  3. luke_s

    Upgrading old Build. Looking for advise.

    Hi, Since a couple of years I am running on below hardware, but tasks are getting more complex and I would like to upgrade. I am looking for advise and recommendations! I am using this Computer mainly for Video-Editing and as Mediaserver (= doing Live-Videoperformances). That's my current...
  4. Zander Panda

    Rasberry Pi tiny media centre?

    I've been looking into getting a media centre and I've been wondering what some good but cheap options would be. My flatmate's PS3 is relatively effective, though my other flatmate's netbook running SMBC was much better. I'll be moving into a new household next year and want a media centre of my...