1. JessBot

    Cannot Logout, Reboot or Shutdown, only black screen with cursor

    Hi there, I have a build using the customac mini recommended list from 2-2018 with the addition of an old ATI 5450 card for dual display (in my profile). I was rebooting like a champ while I was building this machine, but at some point I lost the ability to shutdown or restart, it just hangs at...
  2. christianmagill

    Nvidia driver issues, or is Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050TI 4GB insufficient for 4K + 2K?

    I recently updated my system with a 4K monitor (Dell P2715Q) to run beside my 2K monitor (U2715H). I also upgraded my video card to Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050TI 4GB (GV-N105TOC-4GL). After installing the new video card, along with Nvidia web drivers (378. and High Sierra...
  3. arshavin69ru

    No Reboot, shutdown, logout

    I have High Sierra installed on Sony Vaio vpceh25en with core i3 2nd gen processor and Nvidia 410m gpu. Until El Capitan everything works, but since Sierra, I can't reboot, shutdown the laptop. Though with custom dsdt I am able to make it sleep. Also with both default and web drivers the display...
  4. darkyto

    [Solved] Logout - Restart on apple menu not working

    hello! i have problem from some days ago, when i try to restart / logoff my hackintosh i can't do it, only can restart using terminal with commands "sudo shutdown -h or -r" I don't even see the option "are you sure you want to restart??" any thoughts??
  5. arshavin69ru

    shutdown, reboot,logout not working

    I am running Sierra on Sony Vaio vpceh25en, everything except bluetooth and webcam works in terms of hardware. Even webcam worked once, but can't get it to work after reinstalling. But, when Nvidia driver is loaded , I am unable to logout,shutdown or reboot the system, doing so leads to a black...
  6. fivos1996

    Auto logout from OS X problem?!

    I'm facing the most strange problem I've even seen on a hackintosh! While I'm working on my laptop (browsing, music etc), suddenly OS X logs out and takes me to the login screen. I'm sure this is caused by the latest security update. Does anybody know what the hell is happening? I will use the...
  7. DJLunacy

    GPU Restarts / Logged out of account 960GTX El Capitan

    I've been trying to track down the exact cause and reason for these Kernel Panic / GPU restarts for a while. MB: Gigabyte-GA-Z77X-UD5H - Video Card: Gigabyte 960GTX 2GB / Running 10.11.3 / Latest Build Of Clover as well as the nVidia Web Drivers. Sometimes I can run the machine for a...