lga2011 v3


    X99 Chipset Advice (4K Editing Goal)

    I wanna preface that my main goal to building this Hackintosh is to get a STRONG 4K video editing machine to at least handle the load that 4K footage requires for rendering and such. That being said, these are the parts that I am interested in buying and sticking pretty closely to: CPU...
  2. vichti

    Building Advice: LGA2011-v3 Hackintosh Build Configuration

    Hi folks, Sooooo my 2009 iMac is starting to feel a little slow so I want to replace it with a new Hackintosh Build. This would be my first Hackintosh Build! I am a student so money is always tight but Hackintosh gives me the opportunity to build a strong mac system not having to take out a...
  3. beelzebozo

    Intel Readies Four Core i7 Broadwell-E SKUs for Q2-2016

    Last month, a company leaked roadmap slide revealed that Intel was readying Broadwell-E (HEDT - High End Desktop) processors for a Q2-2016 launch. There was some speculation regarding cores vs pricing. According to Techpowerup, recently leaked documents revealed that Intel is prepping 4 SKUs...