kext audio

  1. Nick.N8

    macOS Catalina on a Razer Blade Stealth [RZ09-02812E71]

    Ok i got macOS Catalina installed and booted. But here is the problem I have no audio (through speakers and headphone jack), No nivida drivers (not expected), no trackpad, no battery icon (indicator) and no WIFI or Bluetooth. I hope i can get some replies to help me and other people. Thanks in...
  2. xnatanxnatanx

    via vt1708s

    VoodooHDA 2.8.8 work for via vt1708s on HS ?
  3. HarryMcGinty

    Updated Nvidia Driver and now my audio isn't working...

    Oh man, I had my first real scare today with my 2-year-old Hackintosh not booting up. Luckily, I had my friend over who got me into Hackintoshes in the first place and he helped me diagnose that it was the Nvidia web driver. I updated the Nvidia web driver and lo and behold, it boots up. Faster...
  4. ekh

    SOLUTION: Working Native Audio For alc1150

    I have Asus b85 Gamer pro with alc 1150. Been facing this problem since sierra. Had to use bluetooth for audio. Just recently solve the problem so i though i should share. Required Items 1. Clover Configurator (latest Version) 2. audio cloverALC or AppleALC (latest Version) 3. Clover (latest...
  5. Franci01


    HI, as you can see I own an Asus z170-plus and I've just installed high Sierra. Can you tell me witch are the right kexts I have to install? if there aren't kexts how can I do?? thanks
  6. LinuxMac

    Sometimes I have audio and sometimes I do not El Capitan

    Hi friends, I do not know if this issue has been dealt with before, I suppose so. I was looking for it, but the specific problem I have I did not find it so I decided to ask it here. I have a problem with the audio of my notebook ie sometimes I have and sometimes not, example .. I do not have...
  7. Sr196

    Audio not working on hp ay503tx

    I've performed installation successfully and everything is working fine on my laptop instead of the audio. No audio device found in settings and no output. Can anybody tell me how to install drivers for Realtek ALC3227. Laptop - Hp-AY503TX Processor - Intel core i5 6220 (skylake) Ram - 8GB...
  8. zADiegoAz

    Audio and Internet problem :C

    Hi, I made a computer for hackintosh. I searched for audio and network drivers but i didn't find anything. Someone can help me? :( PC Spec. Motherboard: Asus z270e RoG Strix CPU: Intel Core i7 7700 Video Card: Asus Strix 960