itunes crash

  1. Slay271


    I need your help here iTunes and Paragon NTFS reports, I have an Apple Music subscription but can not enjoy because iTunes closes directly after opening just like Paragon NTFS. The last update of iTunes don't changes anything, there is my dsdt, ssdt & config. I try to reinstall MacOS but even...
  2. Apo11oknight

    itunes crash on startup, works on restart (incl. problem report)

    I followed erik's "tiny but mighty" guide for my first build and could use some help with iTunes. issue: every time I open iTunes after startup it immediately crashes and I get the following report: note: It usually works if I reopen it after the crash Thanks in advance!!! Process...
  3. dangale

    iTunes crashes on High Sierra 10.13.3

    After installing High Sierra on my Asrock Z170 PRO4 machine, iTunes simply will not work. It freezes on the License Agreement. It worked on this machine on Sierra 10.12. How do I begin to debug this and get it to work again?
  4. vlaad

    iTunes crashes after upgrade to Chimera 4.0

    I have a strange issue with the newest chimera 4.0 and Mavericks 10.9.4: iTunes just crashes with "iTunes quit unexpectedly." message. I tried with uninstalling, and erasing everything iTunes related, then installed iTunes 11.4. It works at first start, but then start crashing again. The console...