1. Fatbird

    Gonna attempt my first Hackintosh(Catalina) tonight, any last advise before I start?

    Hello guys, I bought all the parts using the buying guide here in December 2017.(Never got to do the build as job change and birth of a child had me really busy for a while). I bought a GTX 1070 at the time, but that is no longer compatible from what I've been reading up here on the...
  2. XInflict

    << Solved >> [Solved] Issues with Graphic Acceleration - Intel Graphics 4000

    Hey Guys, I had a Hackintosh High Sierra with my GTX 970, but now I'm with a Mojave trying to use Metal with my HD Graphics 4000. What can I do to my clover config to make this possible? Thanks for the help
  3. tardis89

    Screen Freezes But Some Background Processes Working

    I am currently having an issue with my video freezing up after some time. I first tried messing with different settings in the Energy Saver settings. This seemed to postpone problems, but the inevitable still happened. I experimented to see if it was just a sleep issue, so I set both Computer...
  4. Stinkisar

    [Help] Fresh install on 10.13.5 High Sierra with various bugs.

    Heya, new here, ive been trying to read as much as possible into everything but it's all still too much to figure out in a week :) So obv the timing was not perfect since the new update was out and I couldn't get the .4 High Sierra update, after some trouble-shooting the internal graphics...
  5. rummelsburger

    The Intel graphics 630 didn't work with 4k

    mobo:GA h270m-ds3h cpu: intel i5 7600k grafic: intel 630 I have installed High Sierra, and all works fine, only the Grafic resolution is low...:banghead: The Grafic has to be 4k or alt least FHD. but it´s under HD...:crazy: Can sb. help me ??? :headbang: Thanks for reply :lol:
  6. kuvar

    Yosmite Resolution problem

    Hye ,First of all Happy new year. I am facing some problem regarding resolution,It was working Fine,but don't know how it got bad now it shows SNB FRAMEBUFFER DIDN'T SHOWUP UNLOAD(-v) and now the resolution is 1024x768 I have installed fresh kext(graphic kext INTEL) from USB,but issue not...