installation failed

  1. kaayapezzuti

    Help With installation, black screen after coding

    Hi guys, i try to found the same problem in the forum but i don't found Im trying to install mac os big sur I made all steps for prepare for install mac, but after read some codes the screen goes black. I send a video for you guys see exactly what rappen, may be you guys can help-me...
  2. Abdullah-ui

    Been trying to install MoJave, no luck so far.

    I got my PC basically for gaming but ever since I left gaming selling my 2080-Ti, I have always wanted to make my PC a hackintosh. The problem is I do not have any Macbook currently, and I tried using the Yosemite Hackintosh but no luck. I do not have any AMD GPU, I read some threads about...
  3. ShoryuK

    Can't boot MacOS Catalina installation on my machine

    Whenever I try to boot up the macOS installation, I get stuck on "Couldn't allocate runtime area". My build: i7 5960x Gigabyte Intel LGA 2011-3 X99 Gigabyte Geforce GTX 660 ti 3GB 16gb RAM DDR4 Sandisk SSD 480GB
  4. abdalmoniem

    error validating the installer data [Mojave]

    so I changed the SMBIOS of my existing build to MacBook Air using clover configurator and went to the app store, started and cancelled the download of macOS Mojave several times until I managed to get it to download the full 6.03GB installer. I then followed the guide in...
  5. kappyprasad

    doesnt install from disk installed Mac OSx High Sierra

    hi guys, I have gotten my usb to boot and i get to clover and run through the USB based install and formatted to Mac OS Journaled format, it goes through the install and reboots. After the reboot I select the disk that it has installed it on and run the disk, It starts running and reboots to...
  6. huibant

    [HIGH SIERRA] HP Elitebook 840 G2. Could not be install

    Hello to all! I am posting this message because I am trying to install MacOs High Serria on my Elitebook 840g2 and the installation fails because the OS cannot be installed on the PC. I have checked the installation log file and it tells me that the installation fails because it cannot extract...
  7. julienscherliss

    GA-z68xp-ud3 Sierra Update Multibeast "Installation Failed"

    Hey there, I just updated my OS to Sierra, but after booting from the USB and trying to run Multibeast I'm just getting the error "The installation failed". Any Idea of what I'm doing wrong, or information I could provide to better trouble shoot it? The only thing I checked in the Multibeast...
  8. cbarbaree

    [Solved] Multibeast 9.1.0 - Installation Failed Logs Inside - z170 motherboard clean install

    Hi Folks, Install of Sierra 10.12.5. Keep seeing this when attempting to install anything on multibeast: 06/10/17 17:04:06 - Starting MultiBeast 9.1.0-20170501 06/10/17 17:04:37 - Installing 'Bootloaders > Clover v2.4k r4063 UEFI Boot Mode' 06/10/17 17:04:41 - Installing 'BootVolume' 06/10/17...
  9. sethi091

    How can i install Mac OS X Sierra on HP pavilion 15 p-235ne

    Hello there, i tried all way to install mac os x but couldn't help me to install any mac laptop configuration is below. Thank you HP Pavilion 15 p235ne Memory - 16 GB Graphics - Nvidia Geforce 840m / Intel HD graphics 5500 Processor - Intel 5500U CPU @ 2.40GHz Hard Disk - SSD SAMSUNG...
  10. tarasmorskyi

    Toshiba u925t can not install macOS Sierra

    Did any body tried install Sierra on Toshiba laptop? I did every thing by guides on this site: - booted sierra on flash drive on Mac - Virtualization Technology - disabled - Intel AT - disabled - Intel Rapid Start - disabled - USB Legacy Emulation - disabled - Bluetooth - disabled - Web camera -...
  11. messenger1316

    MSI Skylake Hackintosh only boots with safe mode

    I have an MSI b150 pro vdh motherboard with a intel core 6400. OS X El Capitan is installed but will only boot with safe mode. Another problem is whenever I run Multibeast it gives me an installation failed error so I am unable to install the bootloader please help.
  12. jassy53

    UniBeast fails installing Mavericks 10.9.1

    I'm stuck at making a bootable USB of 10.9.1 Mavericks with UniBeast. Can anyone suggest how to make the USB bootable for Hackintoshes using the "createinstallmedia" command? That "bootable" USB works only on Mac hardware :'( EDIT: 1. I copy-pasted "Install Mac OS X" in...
  13. cpesky

    'Installation Failed'

    Hey guys! I've recently built a computer and was planning to put Mavericks on it. Unfortunately I've been having a few problems with UniBeast and other things, but sense this is the UniBeast forum, I will only be addressing that. Here are my system specs: 1) Gigabyte GA-Z87-HD3 Motherboard...
  14. ibrahimAR

    Installation failed

    The installation stops when it reach the writing scripts spot. here is my log file : Aug 16 11:07:21 localhost Installer[719]: User picked Standard Install Aug 16 11:07:21 localhost Installer[719]: Choices selected for installation: Aug 16 11:07:21 localhost Installer[719]: Install...
  15. MuTz777

    MultiBeast 5.1.1 Fails to install

    Mobo: Intel DH67CL Graphics: NVIDIA GT220 1GB Processor: Core i7-2600k - Sandy Bridge RAM: 4GB HDD1: OSX Lion, Linux Mint 13 HDD2: Windows 8 Enterprise HDD3: OSX Mountain Lion. I just managed to get Mountain Lion installed. But when I fire up MultiBeast, it gives me an error no matter...