hd 4000 help

  1. enrysnemeth

    [GUIDE] How To Make r7 AMD GPU Series Work On High Sierra

    Hi, My name is Enrys and today i want to make a guide for anyone who have one "old" AMD GPU like R7 Series (r7 250 etc) or even HD Series (HD 7750 etc). I wanted to make this guide because i try to find a method online but nothing. In my case i have a r7 250 3GB ddr3 from Sapphire. The method is...
  2. ederz15

    Problems with HD 4000

    When I cold boot my computer, the resolution on my computer is 1920x1080 but when I restart my computer the resolution changes to 1024x768. When its 1024x768 I try to change the resolution but it only shows me that option. I can't change it to nothing else. Also, whenever the resolution is...