1. Kram

    My very first MacPro case mod

    Hello, This week I got all my part for my PC (sorry) and hopefully the next few weeks I will finish my MacPro based case mod. I joined to share my experience and ideas and also my struggles, and I hope all will come in the end good I will built something cool. On the way I am 100% sure I will...
  2. Dubois98

    Are these parts compatible with OSX 10.9?

    Hello All! I posted a thread yesterday about building a hackintosh being a total novice and all, but have since delved in a bit deeper to get a few parts would together. Would the following parts work easily and be compatible with OSX Mavericks? Intel Pentium G3220 Dual core CPU (Socket 1150...
  3. Dubois98

    Need a bit of help please!

    Hello all, I have been researching into the Hackintosh for a while now (mainly due to wanting the mac OS without paying the price of a mac made by Apple). I've been wanting to keep the price of the hackintosh quite low, mainly because I have other things I need to spend money on at the moment...