format drive

  1. SimeJah

    Missing EFI Partition

    So I am missing my EFI partition... After some reading I figured this is because I did not format the drive to GPUID. I did not because I have a 4 TB SSD, with Windows on it and another partition with MacOS on it. Therefore I cannot format the drive. Is there a way to work around this?
  2. Arpansahdev

    Mojave Installer HardDisk Format Issue

    Hello I have created a USB installer with unibeast with legacy boot with was working but when I format har drive when installing it formating drive was stuck on it and show error but on same drive sierra install issue with high sierra and Mojave I buy new drive but again drive not format I have...
  3. GeorgeSmith

    Missing operating system.

    Hi, Today I was trying to install macOS Mojave on my PC, but when i try to boot from the installer usb it says "Missing operating system". I was looking it up in the forum, but everyone is saying that i should format it guid. I was formatting it in macOS extended(journaled) and there was no...
  4. PACMAN393

    I can't partition my HDD with Disk Utility

    How's it going everyone? I have a problem with High Sierra, I need to partition my HDD but i can't. It's a Hitachi HTS547575A9E384 750 GB 5400 rpm. When I use Disk Utility, I resize my boot volume and I create a new APFS volume. When I start the process everything works okay until the part that...
  5. demindevassy

    How to format USB DRIVE that we used for installation!!

    I would appreciate if you help to assist me!! I created bootable MBR USB for Mavericks and one another Uefi clover disk for El Capitan..Now we cannot reuse or format both USBs..I searched on internet throughout a year..couldn't find solutions yet.tried codes on terminal it's says permission...
  6. Dahsoup

    A couple of questions for dualbooting, and a compatibility check.

    Hello all, I searched through the forums and read golden builds and recent posts, but I am still a little uncertain about a couple of things. I want to dual boot, with OSX as the main OS and with the option of holding down a key during startup to boot into Win7. With the OS's on different...