el cap

  1. EeksBoks7


    I've been trying to install HS on a system but it reboots on 2 mins remaining. i'll install El Cap and update. It spits out this message and reboots: panic (cpu 0 caller 0xffffff801a11cb36): "zone_init: knem_suballoc failed "@/library/caches/com.apple.xbs/sources/xnu/xnu-3248." SPECS: EVGA...
  2. rishi44

    Sleep not Working on Asus P7P55D LX OS X 10.11.6

    Hello I have an asus p7p55d lx mobo, and have upgraded recently to 10.11.6 os x el capitan. I am struggling to get sleep working, my bios is set to S3 suspend mode, I have tried all different darkwake values as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. JPeezy002

    Can only boot up in Safe Mode

    Hey there folks. I'm an absolute beginner at this stuff. I built my Hack with Yosemite and it works flawlessly. Now I'm trying to upgrade (ideally to High Sierra, but started with El Cap), and I'm completely lost. I followed all the directions to install El Cap, but not the only way to boot...
  4. mk78510

    Installation problem mac os sierra

    i have a bootable usb of mac os sierra (clover) when i try to install from the clover boot page i got this photo first two options for usb and other 4 are legacy windows harddrive when i click on first option "boot mac os x from install mac os sierra " then this thing comes sorry for...
  5. Mario94M

    Fusion drive without erasing disk

    Hi guys, I'd like to create a fusion drive on my fully working El Capitan build using a 60gb ssd + a 500gb hard drive... The guides I found are from 2012 and they only involve Chimera as bootloader... Will it work on Clover? Plus I found a method to create a fusion drive without erasing my...
  6. cri3343

    Mouse+Keyboard problem on a succes El Capitan installation

    Hi, guys. I would like to ask you for a solution with my problem. I managed to install El Capitan on my Asus P8Z77-M pro + i5 2500k, but I have a problem. Sometimes when I start El Capitan my mouse and keyboard don't work, I can't say that's the solution, but when I start Windows and I go back...
  7. ozz.yyy

    Still on El Capitan after Sierra update?

    So I downloaded the Sierra update and did it, but after the restart I went to About This Mac and it still said El Capitan. Any ideas? I am a novice in this kind kind of updating stuff so please help! Many Thanks! Intel 4690, GTX 960 2GB, GA-H81M-S2H.
  8. pigboyp


    I'm following the clover method to install EL Capitan on my laptop but Im confused which Config.plist i should use My Laptop config: HP ab032tx 8gb 1600mhz ddr3 ram geforce 940m 2gb i5 5th gen resolution 1920*1080
  9. cuddlecheek

    How to run multibeast in safe mode?

    I just installed El Capitan on my PC. I can boot in by selecting the USB drive as a booting device and then select the partition with the fresh installation. I can only boot using safe mode, otherwise it gets stuck in loading loop. When I run multibeast (or El capitan Toolkit) with any...
  10. DXS

    No sound after fresh 10.11.5

    Hey guys, I had 10.11.4 rocking great but just had to update to .5 ugh. Long story short that didn't go well and I ended up making a fresh .5 Unibeast USB and started over. All is well EXCEPT my audio. I installed the exact same drivers as I did on .4 but now no luck. I don't need any new...
  11. Jochen0x90h

    [SOLVED] Stop sign after updating XCode

    Hi! On my Hackintosh (Gigabyte GA-Z97N-WIFI Rev 1.0) I updated XCode (just for desktop development, not for iOS). After reboot, the Apple logo is replaced by a stop sign and nothing more happens. I tried to over-install 10.11.4 which works, but then XCode asks again to install some additional...